Wednesday, May 11, 2005

thE aMaziNg raCe On sLeepiNg!


i have'nt got a proper sleep this past few days! ive been busy updating my blogs! i cant help it, im begining to be addicted on this.

actually im really not fun of writing. though i write things that run through my mind, it was usually written on a notebook. (i dont use pretty diaries, i just use simple ntbk.) and all the stuffs that is written there was just as simple like, "panget ang nangyari sa araw ko!". something like that. but this blogs! i cant help it! i kust love designing it, putting pictures, wrting my thoughts and most of all looking at the blogs of so many people. i even learn something when i read their blogs!

ill update this later, i have to watch some important show that i really like! Amazing Race and CSI 5...

ciao ~_^


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