Tuesday, May 30, 2006

whO's Ur daddy?!

WoOih.. its been soO long that i havent jot anything here. how was my site anyway?!

im at work now. good thing i have a job already. i will surely help my money problem and the problem me and james have been bugging for this past few months.. grrr..

anyway, it jolly's birthday. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting men! u better treat the org this saturday. yehey!

hai.. its really a rough day for me. i havent thought that ill be starting my work today. GOD! paye suprise me that. plus the fact that papa dont know where the hell my work is. actually it in shaw... kalentong something... a way on Jose Rizal University.

im be leaving around 10pm. my shift is 2-10pm. and my off days are wednesday and sunday. isnt that great? hahaha.. and per day ill be getting a 378php.. not bad at all.

wondering wat work im in too? let me explain it some other time.

id better be back on work. i might not get my 1st quota today/ LOLz..



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