Tuesday, November 15, 2005

(",3 months na pla acoh d nag blo2g?!

Is it bad to date someone?

i dont think i am! sobrang haba ng story na toh.pero cge! i did'nt mean to play a prank on one of my classmate named "oca" , ok? it all started when i ask his number to ryan. ryan told me to play a prank at him since he was using same as mine, (a globe and sun sim). well, eventually we ended up good friends in text. i made up names like klaire whom he taught was studying at san beda taking up accountacy, etc. and sending pictures of my good friend rhyme. (hahaha..im so good at this)... well, anyway, to make it short, its almost been a month, but you see every lie has its end. i ended up telling him the truth. the result?! a great friendship! hahaha...he did'nt get mad, instead we becames partners in crime, sort of ending up as one hell a bestfriend. i found a replacement of "poy2" (poy, dont get mad! ur still my man..naks!) anyway, his my gala-mate, coffee-mate (wen gap is not around), my constant texmate and telebabad-mate (wel, gap is not gud enuf of spending late nights with me on phone,he does'nt want that)...a real new found good friend!

okay?! what's the score and why do im writing this?!

it is because some might think that ive been flirting around him, mind them! "carlo" (oca's 1st name) is courting someone, and i am much in love with gap. its juts that people might think it. i dont wanna put some malice on the beautiful building friendship of ours. his a real friend to me.

well, i do hope people around us not suspect somethings fishy is going on, cause huh? i ai'nt gonna let it.

and oh by the way?! carlo...

thanks for being my good friend! naks! this article is for you! hahaha...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ako ata tinutukoy mo dito ha. panget ka den. mis na kita teh! date tayo sa feb.13 ha. usapan na yan.


7:59 AM  

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