Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some are just like them

Im irritated with these so called "lasallian" people.

Here it goes; (Ym conversation)

zack: talo naman pala ang ateneo mo e. im glad my school is lasalle.
zack: =))
khitee18: alsalle! duh!
khitee18: =))
zack: ateneo! duh!
zack: =))
zack: kung last season naglaro kami sigurado sa basurahan pupulutin ang ateneo mo.
zack: =))
khitee18: ay! no wonder ur a lasallian.

*(click) Ignore.

Got my point. I got great friends who studied in Lasalle. But never they talk like that. Im not sure if this zack guy is a real lasallian (he just pop in and msg me. Never had a clue where did he got my id or whatsoever). But the buttom line is, may mga lasalista talaga na super (sorry for my word) "airhead". Nakatungtong lang ng Lasalle Taft e kala mo kung sino ng mayayabang. Ang kilala kong lasalista hindi ganyan ang ugali.
Im glad my lasalista friends are not like that. =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just chill sis. =]
hayaan na xa.

miss you.


7:09 AM  
Blogger kHitee` said...

Oi! I miss u! =)

Yah. Ignore naman na e. =)

9:08 PM  

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