Thursday, December 04, 2008

Edward Cullen, Girlfriend stealer?

I dont think so!

Mali ang pagkakakilala ng mga tao esp the guys/boys out there kay Edward Cullen.

The guys/boys think that his a threat for their girlfriends or possible girlfriends.

Jusko ha! Wag kayo matakot sa kanya dahil isa lang siyang fictional character. Fictional character na hindi totoo at hindi makakalabas sa libro.

I think kaya sya nabuo dahil sa desire ni Stephanie Meyer na bumuo ng isang perfect guy, which i think na meron naman talagang perfect guy. Girls like me have our "own perfect guy". We have our own so-called Edward Cullen.

If i have a boyfriend, he doesnt have be afraid that edward might steal his girlfriend. Cause for me he would be my own edward cullen. He may not have pale skin, marble cold body, a velvet voice, incredible strength and speed and of course he may not be a vampire, but of course he will be my perfect guy. And enough na sa akin na mahal niya ako. Now thats perfect.

You guys/boys dont have to fear him.

Edward Cullen is a form of a perfect guy. A perfect guy that you guys (ref. to the boys) could be.


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