Friday, May 13, 2005

Can i caLL that a daY?

my teacher again in worldLit did'nt attend our class. i was early this morning so that i will not be late at her class but she did'nt even showed up. grrr..its really hard for me to wake up in the morning!

ive already layout again my blog! and theres this someone who tag me, asking if im still a virgin! duh! im guessing someone i knew before visited my blog! if only i could trace its ip add, i will do it. but i know it was him! would u just pls stop! hate u!

this afternoon, i was with my friend nico. he ask me if i could go with him because he wanna buy some gift for the baptismal of nero's(his one of my classmates and will be one of my thesis partner) daughter, KC. festival is on SALE! well, eventually, nico was the only one who bought something. i dont have any money at that time(im saving some money for something i wanna buy). we look, we shop, and he buy! hehehe..poor me! after that dizzying walks at the mall (i am someone who is easily get tired shopping with someone if i do not have a money), we decided to eat. nico was one of those people, who loves cheap things! when i say cheap things, its a worth buying for. buying cheap things is good, plus you'll gonna save a lot of money after that. so we ate! upon eating we were talking about this girl in our school. i dont want to say her name, cause obviously, she was the one on my May 10 entry. well, eventually i dont wanna say anything anymore to her, as what ive said that will be my last angst on her. so i will just leave in "jollibee" what we've talked about her.

i dont know if i could wake up later for the baptismal of the daughter of nero, i do hope. i wanna see his baby girl KC.

i wonder why, many of teenages today, were engaging on this activity. why is it many of the teenagers were easily fell on this situation. why? if i put my shoes on theirs, god! i dont know what will my dad will do to me and i cannot see myself having a child! no can't and i will definately not do!

to: nero and kathy, cOngrats tOL!

and to baby girL kC, welcome to the christian Life! make papa and mama prOUd! enjOY and be a gOOd dancer Like your father! mUah!



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