Monday, June 13, 2005

The Start of the SY!

im back at school again! at last! yehey! i miss school! can't wait to see my friends! everyone! new faces for sure will rise! of course..cute guys will be at my sight for sure! im so excited!

i have a very hectic sched! but i dont mine it. i think this SY will be blast! of course because now that im a graduating student, stress will be my partner again! atlast! i love stress! i live on stress! yep!

i cant wait to go to school already! i like a lunatic kept on telling how excited i am going back to school?! maybe! i think this SY will be my best year ever..well, eventhough thesis will be there, and more papers works, assignments, not to mention my terror proctors, i think i can still make it and will have fun. i think i can manage more of my time today. im also thinking of making most of my time productive, so that ill be busy on some stuff that of course related at my school work.

i also want to be active at our chruch organization. well, i promise to myself tbat evethough i know this SY will be very demanding for me, i still want to be active on chruch! i honestly say that my soul is very hungry of the words of our lord. plus its my way also to pray to god to help me passed all my sujbects this SY! so i cant wait to do all of my plans!

being in stress is what i always wanted! so...

i ate stress..and live on stress!

ciao! ~_^


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