Saturday, April 14, 2007

Certified Candy Girl! ü

I cant believe it. Candy Mag put me into their mag. As their 1000th friend in Myspace, me and Mae Asuncion (a friend of mine). Im just proud and happy. I never even imagine myself be on my fav mag. They even post my myspace link.

Ive been collecting and reading Candy Mag way back in 1998. I was still in highschool at that time. Ive dream before to write and of course to be a model of the mag (of course how can be that possible i dont even have the model type face nor body). I even wanted to be one of their staff writers.

When i had my practicum for a print company, i wanted to apply in Candy Mag as an intern. Sadly i didnt got the slot. But that didnt stop me for liking and reading the mag. Ive always been a Candy Girl. I cannot even see myself read other mag cause im so use on the formats the mag has.

And now, after featuring to their mag i can say im a Certified Candy Girl now (eventhough they didnt feature me im still a Candy Girl). Thanks Candy for making my small dream come true.

Do the Candy *wink. Candy Rules! ü


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