Wednesday, June 13, 2007

talk about love .. ü

talk about love

love is what?

LOVE is the force that pushes us to the limit.

LOVE is the elevation that brings us to cloud 9.

love is when?

it is LOVE when you don't just think of yourself.

it is LOVE when you're ready to sacrifice everything.

why love?

LOVE keeps the stars shining- hopes & dreams.

LOVE keeps the world revolving- you loving him, him loving you.

love who?

LOVE the one who gives you tingles & tickles.

LOVE the one who makes you special & who you feel is special.


LOVE with all your heart, mind & soul.

LOVE him the way he is, the he's been & the way he'll be.

NOW...define love?

LOVE- the most powerful thing, happening, word, way,reason in the whole universe.

Credit: Kangzwate


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