Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Asian guys are cute! Talaga!

Ive been addicted to asian's for quite sometime. Especially asian's like Koreans. Ok i love koreanovelas, korean movies, korean songs, everthing about Korea. I even think im already a korean. Nah!

Anyway, i just saw thing clip from Saab Magalona's Sites, and this asian guy named Kev Jumba, oh my oh my. So so cute. Haha. I dont know if his korean or chinesse or indian or singaporean or filipino, or whatsoever!

Here's one video that he made. It's about girls or something, haha. Funny he got good comments about girls. Well actually his kinda right, but saying girls give mixed signals? Doesn't guys do that too?

Oh well his just funny and yes, uve got to agree to me, CUTE.


Anonymous Reyn said...

His real name is Kevin Wu and he is probably chinese :)

he's so cute and funny.

8:45 PM  

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