Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tnx 2007, Hello 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year bloggers! Its been 2years already since i started blogging.
Anyway, i just wanna thank all the people who've i've met, people who've touched my life, people who have always been there for me through good times and bad times. And thats really big time!

Lastly i wanna thank god. For giving me a wonderful and fruitful 2007. Some days of it may not be as what i've expected. Some went terribly wrong but i'm thankful cause he (god) didn't leave me behind. Thank you so much.

Have a Blessed Happy New Year everyone! ΓΌ
(Oh just wanna share, a friend of mine told me that if u bought a new pair of Slippers it will bring u luck. Its not bad naman dba? And plus, you'll have a new pair of slippers "comfy ones".)


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