Thursday, March 13, 2008

Janina ... Confidence!

Since sikat si JANINA ngayon i just wanna share this interview that she had. Super nakakatawa. PAHIYA! NAKAKAHIYA! Hindi alam kung pano niya ilalaban ang Pinas sa Ms. World but what the heck. Panalo na sya. Wala na tayo magagawa dun. Lets just wait and see if she could really make it.

(Im not saying that im perfect when it comes to my english. Pero pucha gantong english? Syet ako ang nahihiya sa kanya.)

Good luck Janina. ΓΌ

"congrats janina for making it
i know your family are so proud of you"
-from abu (thanks)

Mo Twister: So Janina, how does it feel to win Ms. World?

Thanks Mo. I feel confidence.

Mo: So, where will the Ms. World Pageant going to be held?

Uhhm I still don't know... uhmm sorry, I'm not good in Geometry......

Mo: Baby doll, that would be geography.

ahaha, uhmmm yeah

Mo: So where is it going to be held.

I hope its somewhere in Europa because I want to go to France.

Mo: I see.

I want to learn to speak France.

Mo: Uhmmm that would be French. The language in France? ok, Never mind.

Ah ok. I thought France is the mmm... Mcdo? You know Fries?

*credits: Kitkat


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