Saturday, May 14, 2005

nOthiNg prOdUctIvE!

we do not have water today! me and kevin woke up very late and the maynilad waterboys did't gave us any water. (the supply here in our village are very low). i hate maynilad. they always do this all the time.

i woke up late today. i did'nt done any productive. i just want to bawi all the night shifts i've stayed up these past few weeks. i have'nt also eaten my breakfast and lunch. nor meirenda. im thinking of loosing wieght but who cares. i love my body today! (though i hate myself seeing that very bouncing tummy of mine). i wish papa will go home na, so i could eat a proper meal na. this whole week! i have'nt eat a proper meal for each days. be sick after this if il still continue this habit. hate it.

im going to mass later with ruther. i haven't going to mass this pass few weeks. i've been very busy at! anyways im going to borrow some "andas" to him..its for my tuition. (u see im very biatchy not paying my tuition)..hehehe...then after that will go to yko"s house for our block rosary.

fiesta is coming tomorrow. i wish we have food for the feast.

if il have time, il watch the liga tonight, of there's no liga, il play "perya" nalang! il ride also the "caterpillar" and "ferris wheel". ayieie!


ciao ~_^


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