Thursday, July 06, 2006

the said law

This is not related to my title. Its just that i was so amaze yesterday that my boyfriend James and his friends were talking about this stupid laws. It was their casual set up of conversation talking about different kinds of cases, laws, articles, etc. Yes, he was taking up Law. And i am so proud of that. He even tell me that it is making him insane. Haha .. Well, pangga u have to deal with it. Ika nga, u want it finish it. (Hala at saan galing yun?)

Im a bit relieve that i saw him yesterday. Weve already talk about our plans and it will be on the last month of july. Yes, i know that ... i dont wanna talk about it anymore!

Im a bit tired and lazy too today. 1st, the office room i was assigned was totally freaking us out because of the aircon. (kamusta naman yun ha?! office sira ang aircon!) 2nd, were only 11 here in the room. Man! Where the hell are the others? It is so much boring ambiance. 3rd, i just feel lazy that causing me not to work properly and that messages of our damned, pervert american clients are not coming. Damn!! I hate it when im not be able to get a quota for the night.

I'll wrapped things na, im still not in the mood. LOL!

Location: Office
Listening: I Believe - Jimmy Bondoc (Ost of My Sassy Girl)
Felling: Hot!? LOL!



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