Friday, June 03, 2005

brace myself!

i haven't posted my recent blog for the past 2 weeks! what happen to me? well, im busy finishing somethings that is related to "beauty", i guess!

i got my braces already. and i love it.

hindi ako makapagisip ng mabuti. itatagalog ko nlng!

nagcamp kami last saturday sa lipa, batanagas. it was a blast experience! for the 1st time, nakapag camp nadin ako,. nakatulog sa tent (na sobrang sikip), nagbonfire, nagluto gamit ang mga panggatong na pinulot, naulan, at nag hiking. un camp nmn nga pla e church org un so, expect na nde sha un magulo.

ive learn so many things about what will be my purpose here. what is my mision, what i really want to do? am i doing this for good or not?

basta ang dami! thank you tito ody! ive learn so many things from u!

vacation is over! one more week, classes will start again, i haven't enrolled pa, so i better do it this week, or esle mauubusan nnmn akoh ng slots.

im being to make another addiction, in terms of making comments on forums! i dont know! i love writing stuffs about the topics that were i get a chance to meet possible good friends through it! *sMiLe*

o well i guess thats it. nag update lng nmn ako! baka isipin e wla na kOh..hehehe

mishu my bee!


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