Thursday, November 09, 2006

My House by Wiki..

Thats my house! (in Alabang).. Nice! Old bubong! Haha

Look for Tolentino's residence. Ill look for our house in pasay. Wait lang!

Eto na pala..

Look for the BOQ Houses. The third building will be ours. Bantay si kulet the cat.

Then d2 kami lilipat na duplex house (sa villamor padin)

Malapit sa GGS (general headquarters)

And oh.. Proud ako pakita un Office Musuem nila Papa.. Try to visit it one time. Libre lng! (Papa is in Baguio now. Kasal ng Kuya Manny ko. Inggit!)

Kakatuwa ang wikimapia! Haha..


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