Friday, April 20, 2007

Preno saglit

*For someone in my past

Wala pala akong karapatan magalit sayo.

Pero kung wala akong karapatan bakit ikaw meron. Hindi ba ginusto mo din. Bakit ako lang ang nakakaramdam nito.

Galit ako sayo dahil lahat ng gusto kong sabihin sayo dati nung iniwan mo ako hindi ko nasabi. Lahat tinanggap ko. Lahat lahat. Sana yung mga sama ng loob ko nasabi ko sayo.
A friend told me kaya never akong makaka move on because i never really never told you what im feeling after what happen to us. And now im suffering. Eventhough i kept on saying to myself that im ok, i am NOT.

Hindi ko alam kung nararamdaman mo ang nararamdaman ko. I doubt it cause i know your very happy now. I just wish i could be happy for myself too. I have told myself that im happy for you now that you have found your happiness, and thats true. Im happy for you. Why cant i be happy just like you. Why cant you just let me go. Why cant i let you go.

Ive hurt you, yes i know. But did you know that youve hurt me more. For leaving me in time i needed you most. For leaving me behind the dark. For just simple leaving me.

Kung gaya ng dati pag may misunderstanding tayo. Sobra akong makalaban sayo. Palagi kang talo. Pero ngayon wala akong kalaban laban sayo.You know how much i fought u. Never akong nagpa agrabyado. You know that. Pero ngayon hindi ako makalaban. Wala akong magawa. Hindi bat may kasalanan ka din sakin. Parehas lang tayo. Hindi kita sinisisi. Never kitang sinisi. Pero sana, hindi mo ako hinayaan nagiisa.

Para ano pa nga ba? Nangyari na. Ang tanging hiling ko lang na mapatawad mo ako. Dahil ako, pinatawad na kita.

San balang araw. Kahit hindi ko na marinig mismo sayo. Kahit sayo nalang, sa sarili mo na napatawad mo na ako. Sana balang araw.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Do i have to?

I was thinking of deleting this blog for good na. Im not yet sure but im still thinking of it. Anyway, i might be always using my multiply so is ever just drop me a msg there. Heres my link khitee .

I will be deleting my xanga blog too. Bye2 blog! Darn it!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Certified Candy Girl! ü

I cant believe it. Candy Mag put me into their mag. As their 1000th friend in Myspace, me and Mae Asuncion (a friend of mine). Im just proud and happy. I never even imagine myself be on my fav mag. They even post my myspace link.

Ive been collecting and reading Candy Mag way back in 1998. I was still in highschool at that time. Ive dream before to write and of course to be a model of the mag (of course how can be that possible i dont even have the model type face nor body). I even wanted to be one of their staff writers.

When i had my practicum for a print company, i wanted to apply in Candy Mag as an intern. Sadly i didnt got the slot. But that didnt stop me for liking and reading the mag. Ive always been a Candy Girl. I cannot even see myself read other mag cause im so use on the formats the mag has.

And now, after featuring to their mag i can say im a Certified Candy Girl now (eventhough they didnt feature me im still a Candy Girl). Thanks Candy for making my small dream come true.

Do the Candy *wink. Candy Rules! ü