Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why his mY crUsh?

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5 things why im crushing on TJ!

1. he is a good musician
2. he has a killer smile
3. he knows how to compose lyrics (w/c they use to their gig)
4. he has braces! (i like guys w/ braces, only if it fit them)
5. he has a lot in common with gap! i keep on looking at his picture everytime i look at his site!

* im in love! *

bee, dont worry it would not affect our relationship as long as i will not have a chance to meet him personally! hehehe...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

nOthiNg prOdUctIvE!

we do not have water today! me and kevin woke up very late and the maynilad waterboys did't gave us any water. (the supply here in our village are very low). i hate maynilad. they always do this all the time.

i woke up late today. i did'nt done any productive. i just want to bawi all the night shifts i've stayed up these past few weeks. i have'nt also eaten my breakfast and lunch. nor meirenda. im thinking of loosing wieght but who cares. i love my body today! (though i hate myself seeing that very bouncing tummy of mine). i wish papa will go home na, so i could eat a proper meal na. this whole week! i have'nt eat a proper meal for each days. be sick after this if il still continue this habit. hate it.

im going to mass later with ruther. i haven't going to mass this pass few weeks. i've been very busy at! anyways im going to borrow some "andas" to him..its for my tuition. (u see im very biatchy not paying my tuition)..hehehe...then after that will go to yko"s house for our block rosary.

fiesta is coming tomorrow. i wish we have food for the feast.

if il have time, il watch the liga tonight, of there's no liga, il play "perya" nalang! il ride also the "caterpillar" and "ferris wheel". ayieie!


ciao ~_^

Friday, May 13, 2005

Can i caLL that a daY?

my teacher again in worldLit did'nt attend our class. i was early this morning so that i will not be late at her class but she did'nt even showed up. grrr..its really hard for me to wake up in the morning!

ive already layout again my blog! and theres this someone who tag me, asking if im still a virgin! duh! im guessing someone i knew before visited my blog! if only i could trace its ip add, i will do it. but i know it was him! would u just pls stop! hate u!

this afternoon, i was with my friend nico. he ask me if i could go with him because he wanna buy some gift for the baptismal of nero's(his one of my classmates and will be one of my thesis partner) daughter, KC. festival is on SALE! well, eventually, nico was the only one who bought something. i dont have any money at that time(im saving some money for something i wanna buy). we look, we shop, and he buy! hehehe..poor me! after that dizzying walks at the mall (i am someone who is easily get tired shopping with someone if i do not have a money), we decided to eat. nico was one of those people, who loves cheap things! when i say cheap things, its a worth buying for. buying cheap things is good, plus you'll gonna save a lot of money after that. so we ate! upon eating we were talking about this girl in our school. i dont want to say her name, cause obviously, she was the one on my May 10 entry. well, eventually i dont wanna say anything anymore to her, as what ive said that will be my last angst on her. so i will just leave in "jollibee" what we've talked about her.

i dont know if i could wake up later for the baptismal of the daughter of nero, i do hope. i wanna see his baby girl KC.

i wonder why, many of teenages today, were engaging on this activity. why is it many of the teenagers were easily fell on this situation. why? if i put my shoes on theirs, god! i dont know what will my dad will do to me and i cannot see myself having a child! no can't and i will definately not do!

to: nero and kathy, cOngrats tOL!

and to baby girL kC, welcome to the christian Life! make papa and mama prOUd! enjOY and be a gOOd dancer Like your father! mUah!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Re-cOnstrUctiNg mY bLog is sO mUch fUn!

cant blame this blog!

my baby blog has its new look! aLL pink! i love it! i hope people will also like it! i know that it is more of a girlly site and i think people who knows me well, will agree that this blog really represents me!

i just cant stop looking at it!

thanks to my patience! ive decorate my blog that looks like me!

i love my blogs!

ciao ~_^

thE aMaziNg raCe On sLeepiNg!


i have'nt got a proper sleep this past few days! ive been busy updating my blogs! i cant help it, im begining to be addicted on this.

actually im really not fun of writing. though i write things that run through my mind, it was usually written on a notebook. (i dont use pretty diaries, i just use simple ntbk.) and all the stuffs that is written there was just as simple like, "panget ang nangyari sa araw ko!". something like that. but this blogs! i cant help it! i kust love designing it, putting pictures, wrting my thoughts and most of all looking at the blogs of so many people. i even learn something when i read their blogs!

ill update this later, i have to watch some important show that i really like! Amazing Race and CSI 5...

ciao ~_^

Monday, May 09, 2005

bLOgger's idea!

I've been blogging for almost months now, but i have'nt write any good blogs since then. Let me start today!

Im in class today. I did'nt attend my first class, I have'nt get a chance to wake up early (I've slept last night at 3am and must be in school at 8am). Im having a hard time waking up. My second class anyway is such a bored. That's why im jotting down some thoughts. We've been talking about PREGNENCY. My classmates were very attentive on such topics like this. In short they love talking about SEX!

What is SEX? Sex has no intrinsic Meaning.

Almost everyone wishes it did.

The desire to give sex meaning is an understandable, important enterprise. Honestly approached, it can be a valuable exercise; disguised as the righteous desire to simply appreciate the meaning sex has, or as the pursuit of restoring sex's "true" meaning, it is a common source of conflict for both individuals and society.

Sex only has meaning insofar as we experience it. Its meaning is emergent, not objective. We discover the meaning of sex each time we are sexual, meaning that only resides in our experience. The meaning of sex changes--is reinvented--each time we are sexual.

Eventually, I may say also that i like the topic of sex. I dont know! Maybe the curiousity inside of me. Actaully, a lot of my friends talk about this (but not all the time). A lot also of my girlfriends have an experience on it. BUt i cannot elaborate it further. I just wanna leave it hanging na lang. So much to that.

Im glad it rain yesterday. The weather here is too hot that I wish im not living here. Rainy season is just a month to go, thank god! I cant help it, I love rains!

I've talk to my friends in the net yesterday. Im glad that they were still doing fine. Esp. Molly (who has been living is Singapore fro her OJT). What a lucky girl. I've also talk to my long lost kuya Kci. Good thing that he has a work related to real estate. I'm so proud of you kuya!

I wanna have a beautiful idea that i could write down here, but there is someone whose been bugging me. As what i've said earlier, im writing down this during my class in Rizal. And everytime i look up (to think for a word to wrtie) all i see is this girl (a girlfriend in past) "girlfriend" - a girl friend if you know what i mean. As what im saying im begining to get iritate on her. Few months ago, we have this sort of miscommunication. I really dont know what went wrong. All i know is that she's not talking to me from the start of this year. Then I've also been hearing hearsays that she's not talking to me because of her "ex" (they broke up months ago, and his ex by the was a close friend of mine), and i have this thinggy. Also she's acusing me that im flirting with her guy. Eventually i did'nt got a chance to talk to her, maybe because of my pride that if i talk to her she'll be thinking that I am guilty about her accusation. From the very start of their relationship, i know that she did'nt already trust me being a friend of her guy. (her guy and I use to have and issue from the past). I did'nt also trust her na after that incident, because if she's really a friend, she will trust me and she will not think that there's something going on between me and her guy. I don't even like that guy anymore! If I could only slam to her face that because of me they would'nt be together. Because of me, SHE WOULD'NT HAVE MY FRIEND TO BE HER BOYFRIEND! I hate her! She destroy my friendship to the guy, and she also ruined my friendship to her and to my colleagues. I really miss hanging out with them! I really hate her! Forgive me god for having this angst to her but i really hate her. I dont want to say this, but a lot of my classmate hate her. But not because of me. I'm not saying this or writingthis to say anything bad against her. Not unless in this blog. Maybe because she change a lot. After the incident of my classmate and her, she change a lot, worst a lot. I pity for my friend (not her), he got hurt so bad. And good thing (i hope) his over her.
I think this is my first and last angst on her (unless she'll do something bad that will burst me again, im not the kind of person that fight back at my friends. yes! i still may say, she have been my friend that's why). I just wanna say it! I HATE YOU *** FOR BEING MY FRIEND!

I still wanna say more. About what happen to me this past (years? i think). I really miss writing my thoughts (or should i say my homegirllY - DIARY) on somethings. Maybe for my next entries, I will try my best to be more specific.



by the way! i will be seeing merian and wiw today. hehehe...we will go perya tonight! i wish! enjoy waste my money!
wiwi, I hate you! ur not texting me kc! I miss you na and im glad ur home na! C yah later!

muah ~_^

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My New Blogsite!

ive been looking at this blogsite that my friend told me. actually it was the blogsite of bianca gonzales (the Y-speak host/model/ host of Star Dance)... ive been hooking at her site then i accidently open the blogsite of lora gahol! (info: she was the gf of Larry Fonacier! (my crush).) i desided to make one her! so i cud be in also! conected to them! hihih..

another blogs! nice!

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